Spunkz Pair with Khaadi Outfits for Summer

Spunkz Pair with Khaadi Outfits for Summer

Step into Summer - The Best Flats and Slides from Spunkz.pk to Pair with Khaadi Outfits

As the summer heat rises in Pakistan, it's time to refresh your wardrobe with the latest trends that combine comfort and style. This season, Spunkz.pk brings you a stunning collection of flats and slides that are perfect to pair with Khaadi's summer outfits.

Whether you're heading to a casual outing or a festive gathering, these versatile footwear options will elevate your fashion game.

Spunkz Footwear x Khaadi Outfits

Let's dive into the best picks that will keep you stylish and comfortable all summer long.

1. Rhinestone Embellished Flats

Rhinestone embellished flats are all the rage this summer. Their sparkling design adds a touch of glamour to any outfit. Pair them with Khaadi's printed lawn dresses to add a bit of shine to your day. These flats, priced at PKR 1,999, are not only stylish but also budget-friendly.

2. Leather Strap Slides

For a more laid-back and chic look, leather strap slides are your go-to option. Their minimalistic design complements the vibrant and colorful prints of Khaadi's kurtas. At Spunkz.pk, these leather slides are available for PKR 2,499. They're perfect for casual day outs or even a quick trip to the market.

3. Beaded Flats

If you're looking for something traditional yet trendy, beaded flats are the perfect choice. These flats feature intricate beadwork that pairs beautifully with Khaadi’s ethnic wear. Available for PKR 2,199, these flats are a great way to add a traditional touch to your modern wardrobe.

4. Floral Print Slides

Floral prints never go out of style, especially in summer. Spunkz.pk offers a range of floral print slides that perfectly match Khaadi's summer collection. Priced at PKR 1,899, these slides are comfortable and add a refreshing touch to your outfit.

5. Metallic Finish Flats

For a more edgy and modern look, metallic finish flats are a must-have. These flats, available for PKR 2,299, can be paired with both casual and semi-formal Khaadi outfits. Their unique finish adds a contemporary twist to your traditional wear.

Why Choose Spunkz.pk?

Spunkz.pk is committed to offering the latest fashion trends at affordable prices. Each piece in their collection is designed with comfort and style in mind, ensuring you don't have to compromise on either. Additionally, Spunkz.pk's easy online shopping experience and prompt delivery make it a favorite among Pakistani women.

How to Style Khaadi Outfits with Spunkz.pk Flats and Slides

Pairing Khaadi outfits with Spunkz.pk flats and slides is a breeze.
Here are some styling tips:

  • Casual Day Out: Pair Khaadi’s printed kurta with leather strap slides. Add a pair of sunglasses and a crossbody bag for a chic and casual look.
  • Festive Gatherings: Choose a heavily embroidered Khaadi kurta and pair it with rhinestone embellished flats. Complete the look with statement jewelry and a clutch.
  • Office Wear: Opt for Khaadi’s formal wear and pair it with metallic finish flats. Keep your accessories minimal for a sophisticated office look.
  • Shopping Trips: For a relaxed shopping day, pair your floral Khaadi kurta with floral print slides. Add a tote bag to carry all your essentials.


This summer, step out in style with the best flats and slides from Spunkz.pk. Whether you prefer a casual or a more dressed-up look, there's a perfect pair waiting for you. Combine them with Khaadi’s stunning summer outfits and you're all set to make a fashion statement. Shop these summer amazing styles online at Spunkz.pk and enjoy the perfect blend of comfort and fashion.

Stay tuned for more fashion tips and trends as we explore more exciting pairings with Spunkz.pk’s footwear collection in our upcoming blogs.

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